Most people think the worst time of year for wet basements is the rainy spring months. But, if your home hasn’t been waterproofed by a professional, the winter months can be just as destructive.


Below are a few tips that we have pulled together about all things fall and winter waterproofing.


Never pile snow near your home.
As the snow starts to fall, and the shovels come out, remember – don’t pile snow near your home. Snow piles are a stream of water waiting to seep into your home.


Keep your gutters clear to allow melting snow to drain away from your home’s roof.
Ensure that your gutters are directing water safely away from your home. Don’t let water to pool near your home’s foundation or it will find a way into your basement or crawlspace. Melting snow water should drain at least five feet away from your house or be allowed to flow away from the house properly. Check your gutters now, to make sure they are ready for the impending snowfall.


Check your sump pump.
Verify that your sump pump hose does not have low spots for water to collect. The discharge should flow away from your home, freely. If the water collects and freezes, it will more than likely stop the sump from working or even cause permanent damage to the unit.


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