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Basement Storage 101

What comes to mind when you think of basement storage? Most people would say critical things like, “dark, crowded, wet, dingy, dirty.”  With effective basement storage, you can revolutionize your basement.

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Why Care about Your Basement?

The Basement Health Association (BHA) concludes that poor storage constitutes 86% of all basement problems experienced in modern-day homes. With poor storage, you can anticipate disorganized space, mold growth due to lack of proper ventilation, and a general deplorable state of the space. These conditions can not only jeopardize you and your family’s health, it can also drive down the value of your home.

Getting the Most out of Your Basement

In today’s real estate savvy world, every inch of indoor space is vital. If you create a playroom in your basement, use the following tips to make your home more livable:


No matter the size of your basement, it is essential to have zones before you embark on storing items. Have an area for utilities including furnace, washing machine, dryers, and water heater – among other appliances.  Designate an area for play or other living activities including workshop area and finally a storage area for items such as fishing and sporting gear, garage tools, and more.

Basement Storage Organization

Now that you have outlines areas where everything will go, you need to pack items to be stored neatly. Use the large storage totes whenever possible.  They are waterproof, making them more mold resistant than a cardboard box. Remember to utilize as little space as possible without damaging your items. Try to keep your items off the floor as much as possible.  Another tip to remember is not to stack your items too high. Keep the items that are in regular use within reach.

Eliminate Clutter

The Self-Storage Association (SSA) says that cluttering makes up 90% of the problems homeowners have in these spaces. So when organizing, make sure to de-clutter this space. While you have some sentimental items – everyone does – remember that not everything should be held on to.

Effective basement storage is all about creating easy access and livable space at the same time.  If your basement leaks, the best tip we can give you is to waterproof your basement with a professional – like B-Dry Systems of Indiana.